Where are you from and how did you get into piping?
I am from the USA. I got into piping while living in the UK. I was bored with guitar, and always loved the pipes. There was a teacher close by, so it made it doable. Now I live in Thailand. The nearest piper is a five-hour drive away.

How has the pandemic affected your piping personally?
I get to practice more!

Is there anything you can’t leave home without?
If leaving home for more than a day, a chanter always follows. More than a week, the pipes come along.

What’s your favourite international food?
Tom Yum Talay. Seafood soup from here in Thailand.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
A bite of grilled rice field rat. It was actually good, but there were too many bones, and the idea of it was too far from my normal fare.

When you travel is there something you particularly miss when away?
Sleeping in my own bed.

Do you have a set practice routine you could share with readers?
Chanter work every day after supper and full pipes as soon as my wife leaves the house.

What’s your most memorable performance you’ve taken part in, either band or solo?
I’ve not yet played solo except for my family and had the one performance as a member of a band many years ago. I travelled far too much with my work.

What’s your most memorable performance you’ve heard – a band or solo player?
Willie McCallum playing Lament for the Children, which I watched on Youtube.

Who has been the biggest influence on your piping?
Jack Lee.

How do you relax; any other interests or hobbies?
Photography and cycling.

Did you take part in any show, concerts or recitals last year?

What’s your favourite destination, either for a holiday or on a piping trip?
Scotland, of course … although I’ve never been! Hawaii was nice. Redwood National Forest in California.

Do you have a go at the local language when abroad?

Favourite piece of music – any music?
Lament for the Children and Bach’s Cello Suite #1 in G major.

Was piping something you wanted to do from an early age?
Not until I was 26. I had to learn every other instrument first. My first set was a cheap set from Pakistan. They ended up in the bin. I tried again, and stayed with it at 45 years of age.

Which piper(s) did you aspire to, if any?
Stuart Liddell, Jack Lee, Willie McCallum and Angus MacColl.

Do you recall the very first competition you competed in?
I’ve not yet competed.

Favourite piece of ceòl mòr?
Lament for the Children.

Any humorous piping anecdote you can relate to the readers (keep it clean!)?
Going to play for my family and forgetting a chanter reed.

• Thank you, Peter!