Contemporary sketch of 18th century town piper and drummer.

Scotland’s toun pipers played at every civic occasion of note

By Moses Jenkins Today many Scots towns from Milngavie to Montrose have a resident pipe band. In days of antiquity, however, it was not a pipe band which would be affiliated to a town but rather an individual piper known as the ‘toun piper [toun=town|. These pipers had a number […]

Simon Fraser University competing at the 2018 World Pipe Band Championships.

Variation in pipe band competition results and difficulties of change

By Alistair Aitken OBE Differences in pipe band competition results have always been a problem and probably always will be. It is an issue being addressed continually in adjudicator training as human nature tends to immediately focus minds on the credibility of the adjudication process and the abilities of the […]

Pipers Meeting – review

Pipers Meeting – review

• From the October 2017 Piping Times By Peter McCalister Jack Taylor and Patrick Molard have done a masterful job of ‘translating’ the remaining unpublished tunes in Colin Campbell’s two volumes of canntaireachd. Several generations of pipers, including the influential Archie Kenneth, suggested that these tunes “lacked musical merit” but […]

The ruins of John MacKay's house at the southern end of Raasay.

The John MacKay manuscript, pt. 2

• From the June 1997 Piping Times. By Captain John A. MacLellan My second illustration is a typical page of the manuscript in what is thought would be the original form for the whole manuscript. As you can see it is really a framework with the notes written in crotchet […]

The John MacKay manuscript, pt. 1

The John MacKay manuscript, pt. 1

• From the May 1997 Piping Times. By Captain John A. MacLellan Some time ago the late Captain John A. MacLellan made a study of the John MacKay Manuscript and gave his findings in a paper to the Piobaireachd Society Conference. We are pleased to publish this important study. We […]

Jimmy MacMillan and a young Jack Lee pictured in 1981 at a homecoming party to celebrate Jack winning the Inverness Gold Medal.

Remembering James MacMillan, 1911-2005

• From the September 2005 Piping Times. By Jack Lee I have often wondered how piping would have turned out in Vancouver if Jimmy McMillan hadn’t taught here. Would Terry and I have stuck with piping? Would the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (SFU) even exist? Jimmy was the defining […]

The Black Chanter of Clan Chattan is housed in the Clan Macpherson Museum, Newtonmore, Scotland.

The Black Chanter of Clan Chattan

• From the October 1984 Piping Times. By Diana M. Henderson “As fierce as the tiger that prowls in their forest, Those sons of the Orient leap to the plain;But the blade striketh vainly wherever thou wanest, Black Chanter of Chattan bestir thee again!”1 A Mrs Ogilvie wrote these lines […]

Boreraig – the first pipers at the cairn

Boreraig – the first pipers at the cairn

• From the August 1994 Piping Times. A letter from William A. Cromarty of South Orange, NJ, reminded us of the inauguration of the cairn at Boreraig in 1933. He enclosed a cutting from an Ontario newspaper of the time, which contained a report of that famous day. The story […]