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No Hassle at the Castle

By MacGregor Kennedy A Round Up of the 1984 Glenfiddich Piping Championships Everybody knows someone who could not organise a booze-up in a distillery, so most people who attend the Grant’s Scotch Whisky Piping Championships are perfectly well aware that the smooth-running machine which gives them so much pleasure at […]

Irish pipers and Scotland

Irish pipers and Scotland

By Keith Sanger It would be surprising given the interconnections between Scotland and Ireland over many centuries, if pipers had not crossed over between the two countries. Yet apart from a few tantalising early references, it is in the accounts of the Highland Society of London that we find the […]

John Dew holds the Ceòl Mòr trophy today at the Royal National Mòd in Glasgow.

Dew overall at National Mòd

October 12, Glasgow – John Dew from Crieff but now domiciled in Glasgow was the overall champion piper in the senior piping events held today at the Royal National Mòd in Glasgow. John won the Ceòl Mòr contest with the MSR going to Finlay Cameron. Archie Drennan won the Hornpipe […]

What factors should you take into consideration when seeking a set of new pipes?

A guide to buying a new set of pipes

Even for the experienced piper the variety of different bagpipes and prices can make buying a new, bespoke instrument seem a daunting process. Today, there are a healthy number of manufacturers and it’s fair to say that, in contrast to a generation or two ago, most are producing excellent instruments. […]

Linda Gordon, 1934-2019

Linda Gordon, 1934-2019

It is with sadness that we report the passing of Hilary Linda Gordon. She was 85 and had been unwell for a month and died in hospital yesterday afternoon. Many people will have known Linda from her attendance at events such as the Glenfiddich and the Silver Chanter over many […]

L-R: Sandy Grant Gordon, Hazel Whyte and Andy McCartney at last weekend's SWSPDA junior competitions.

SWSPDA solos’ success

By Iain Bell Cast your eye toward the above photo of Hazel Whyte, overall champion piper at the South west Scotland Piping & Drumming (SWSPDA) solo contest held on September 28 at Lockerbie. Hazel is pictured with fear an tighe, Andy McCartney and another, well-seasoned gentleman in a pullover. This […]

Duncan Brown and James Campbell.

Pipers in portrait

James Campbell, the well known piping and pipe band judge, decided to give his Tutor Room some character by hanging portraits of some of the great pipers of the past and present. The dedication of what is now his Pipers’ Room was held last Saturday when the portraits were unveiled. […]

National Mòd running order

National Mòd running order

As we reported yesterday, the piping competitions at the 2019 Royal National Mòd are set to take place in Glasgow this Saturday (October 12). The draw for the senior competitions is as follows – and in keeping with the spirit of the event we have listed each piper’s respective home […]

Diary: photograph query/ Mòd/Pipeline/Trevor’s funeral

Diary: photograph query/ Mòd/Pipeline/Trevor’s funeral

There are a few items in the diary this week. First of all, Willie McCallum sent us this wonderful photo of the late debonair English actor, David Niven dancing as six pipers play beside him. Willie had been watching a television documentary about the Queen Mary, when the photograph […]

Angus MacColl Jnr., Tom Johnstone (SPA President) and John Patrick.

John Patrick wins SPA Knockout Heat 4

John Patrick, Stirlingshire won Heat 4 of the Scottish Pipers’ Association’s current Knockout contest. John, defeated Angus MacColl jnr. and goes through to the quarter finals next spring. The competition took place, as usual, at The National Piping Centre Otago Street, the former College of Piping, in the west end […]