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(L. to R.) Mr. Alastair B. Murray (Production Director, William Grant & Sons); Sally Grant Gordon (daughter of William Grant's Chairman, Mr. A. Grant Gordon); Pipe Major Gavin Stoddart and His Grace the Duke of Atholl who presented the prize.

The playing at Blair – a look back at the 1988 Glenfiddich

The late 1980s was a period of transition in piping. In 1987 the 78th Fraser Highlanders became the first overseas pipe band to win the World Pipe Band Championships and in 1988 Ottawa-born Amy Garson would be the first female invited to compete at the Glenfiddich. The 1988 Glenfiddich was […]

Piper above all others

Piper above all others

The first ‘Piper Above all Others’ competition was an invitational one that was held in Glasgow from the late 1970s to the early-mid 1980s. Andrew Wright won it in 1979, Donald MacPherson in 1980, Pipe Major Angus MacDonald in 1981. Fred Morrison won the 1985 one. The 1980 competition is […]

No hassle at the castle

By MacGregor Kennedy A round up of the 1984 Glenfiddich Piping Championships Everybody knows someone who could not organise a booze-up in a distillery, so most people who attend the Grant’s Scotch Whisky Piping Championships are perfectly well aware that the smooth-running machine which gives them so much pleasure at […]