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Glasgow Skye Pipe Band  3P/Majors 1991.

Clan MacRae pic / Musicianship / Donald Drone

Last Friday‚Äôs post on the Clan MacRae Pipe Band jolted a few memories from readers. Donald Macleod was among those who contacted us and he was able to identify some of the individuals in the photograph. Donald, brother of Kenny Macleod of McCallum Bagpipes, told us: “In the back row, […]

Famous pipe bands: Clan MacRae

Famous pipe bands: Clan MacRae

One of the truly great bands in the history of the pipe band movement was the Clan MacRae Society Pipe Band of Glasgow, Scotland. Farquhar MacRae (1859-1916) formed the band in the autumn (fall) of 1913 but he called it the City of Glasgow Pipe Band. Farquhar won the Gold […]