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Piping in London – Part 7

Piping in London – Part 7

1873-76 By Jeannie Campbell MBE After the success of the Highland Gatherings of 1871 and the Scottish Fete of 1872, another gathering was planned for 1873. It took place on Saturday, June 28 at Alexandra Park, with upwards of 10,000 people present. The proceedings commenced at one o’clock with a […]

King James I.

Stories of the tunes: Pibroch of Donald Dubh

Today we begin an occasional series looking at the stories behind some of our well known tunes. We kick off with Pibroch of Donald Dubh, an old tune that was originally a pibroch but which was developed subsequently into ceòl beag (there are excellent march, jig, reel, quickstep and hornpipe […]