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Celebration at the announcement of winning the Grade 1 World Pipe Band Championships 2009

The 2009 Worlds, a look back in pictures

Yesterday, we kicked off the new year with the results of Michael Grey’s survey of pipe bands over the last century, the results of which were interesting indeed. Today, we feature another pictorial from the camera of John Slavin. This time it is the 2009 World Pipe Band Championships. That […]

Jimmy MacMillan and a young Jack Lee pictured in 1981 at a homecoming party to celebrate Jack winning the Inverness Gold Medal.

Remembering James MacMillan, 1911-2005

• From the September 2005 Piping Times. By Jack Lee I have often wondered how piping would have turned out in Vancouver if Jimmy McMillan hadn’t taught here. Would Terry and I have stuck with piping? Would the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (SFU) even exist? Jimmy was the defining […]