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Famous pipers: Calum Campbell (Gordons)

Famous pipers: Calum Campbell (Gordons)

By Joe Wilson. An article in the Piping Times regarding the jig playing at the Northern Meeting in 1961 reads: “Sergeant Campbell made amends for his previous appearance [he had made a mistake while playing the strathspey and reel in the short leet] by winning this competition very clearly. Second […]

Celebration at the announcement of winning the Grade 1 World Pipe Band Championships 2009

Pipe band retro pictorial: the Worlds 2009

In 2009 Simon Fraser University Pipe Band lifted the Grade 1 trophy for the sixth time. Grade 2 was won by Inveraray & District who won every Grade 2 major that season. Their win was seen as their final step, and almost a formality, before joining the Grade 1 ranks. […]

Jimmy MacMillan and a young Jack Lee pictured in 1981 at a homecoming party to celebrate Jack winning the Inverness Gold Medal.

Remembering James MacMillan, 1911-2005

• From the September 2005 Piping Times. By Jack Lee I have often wondered how piping would have turned out in Vancouver if Jimmy McMillan hadn’t taught here. Would Terry and I have stuck with piping? Would the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band (SFU) even exist? Jimmy was the defining […]