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The Arms of MacDonald: Clan Donald’s heraldic crest: 1st quarter, silver, a lion rearing red, tongue, claws and teeth bright blue; 2nd quarter, gold, a hand in armour horizontal holding a small burning cross red; 3rd quarter, Gold a one-masted galley sails furled and oars in action black, flag red; 4th quarter, green a salmon swimming horizontal in its natural state; placed over all quarters on a shield, Gold an eagle with wings spread red overlaid by a one-masted galley sails furled, oars in action black (as Chief of the Name and Arms MacDonald).

Stories of the Tunes – The Red Hand in the MacDonalds’ Arms

By Seumas MacNeill What wonderful titles people have given to piobaireachd. Apart from the long lists of laments and salutes, we have such gems as My Dearest on Earth Give me Your Kiss, and All the Men Paid Rent but Rory, as well as this Red Hand tune, and many […]

Stories of the Tunes – Glengarry’s Lament

Stories of the Tunes – Glengarry’s Lament

Today we look at a tune that is quite often the first piobaireachd most of us will learn. It is a straightforward yet musical tune in the Primary classification. A little known snippet of information is that the man for whom the tune was named was the inventor of the […]