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AG 1983 J Wilson,G Stoddart, Walter Cowan, C Drummond, T Speirs, M McRae

History of the Argyllshire Gathering: the 1983 competition

• PART 48 • BY JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. In 1983 the Gathering was held on August 24 and 25. The Gold Medal competition began at 9.15am in the Corran Halls. As had been stated in the report of the previous year the entry qualifications had been changed slightly. The rules […]

History of the Argyllshire Gathering part 47

History of the Argyllshire Gathering part 47

• 1982 • BY JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. There were no set tunes in 1982. Competitors for the Senior event were to submit twelve tunes, for the Gold Medal eight tunes and the Silver six tunes. The list of tunes submitted was published and showed a total of 101 different pieces. […]