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The march to the games in 1987 with John Hanning, Murray Henderson, Roy Gunn, James MacGillivray and Dr Angus MacDonald

History of the Argyllshire Gathering: the 1987 competition

• PART 52 • BY JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE. In 1987 the Gathering was again held over three days, August 25, 26 and 27. On Tuesday the Silver Medal was held in two heats in the Corran Halls and St Columba’s Cathedral Hall, with 22 in each. Five from each heat […]

History of the Argyllshire Gathering part 40

History of the Argyllshire Gathering part 40

1975 BY JEANNIE CAMPBELL MBE Competitors in the Open and Clasp competitions in 1975 were required to submit four tunes from this list of six: The Battle of Glensheil, The Sister’s Lament, Nameless, Hihio-tro tro, The  Park  Piobaireachd  No. 1, The  Old Woman’s Lullaby and Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor. For […]