The LBPS’ 36th annual competition – results

piper and duowu player
LBPS prizewinners.
Prizewinners from the LBPS annual competition.

The Lowland & Border Pipers’ Society’s 36th annual competition took place today at The National Piping Centre Otago Street, Glasgow. The results are as follows:

Seasoned Pipers – 1. Bill Telfer (Wild Hills of Wannie); 2. Allan Sturrock (Wee Michaels March, The March of the King of Laois); 3. Jeannie Campbell (Lord Lovat’s Lament, Forty Twa, Falkland Palace).
Intermediate – 1. John Kelly (The Burning of the Pipers Hut, Cutty’s Wedding Reel, Mo Chuachag Laghach).
Novice – 1. Zexuan Qiao (Ginglin Geordie).
New Composition – 1. Matt Seattle (The Guidwife O’ Jethart); 2. Pete Stewart (On Pirne Braes); 3. Julian Goodacre (The Winner).
Duet for Piper and Singer – 1. Pete Stewart and Sadie Maskery (The Ballad of Matty Groves).
The Skeely Piper (tunes relating to WW1) – 1. Andrew Macintyre (Sunset on the Somme, Farewell to the Creeks, The 8the Argyll’s Farewell to the 116 Regiment de Ligne); 2. Norman McLeod (The Battle of the Somme, The Taking of Beaumont Hammel, So Sad am I).
Open Solo for Scottish Smallpipes – 1. Donald Lindsay and Andrew McIntyre (Sheepskins & Beeswax, Old Joes, Rambling Pitchfork); 2. George Greig (She Moved Through The Fair).
Duet for Pipes and Other Instrument – 1. Andrew McIntyre and Donald Gorman (Da Smugglers, Underhill, If I get a Bonnie Lass, Hama Rower da Taing); 2. Pete Stewart and Leo Glaister (Two Untitled Schottisches); 3. Donald Lindsay and Zexvan Qiao (Bay of Harris, Lochaber Badger).
Solo Pipe and Song – 1. Judy Barker (Christmas 1914); 2. Donald Lindsay (Isle of St. Helena); 3. Julian Goodacre (The Gallowa’ Hills)
Overseas Class for Performance – 1. Chad Fross (Tunes unknown); 2. Abbey Arkotxa (Tunes unknown); 3.Geoff Jones (Tunes unknown).
Duet for Pipes – 1. Norman McLeod (Mary Scott – The Flower of Yarrow, Mrs Hamilton of Pitcaitland); 2. Bill Telfer and Matt Seattle (Border Ballad, The English Bring Ti Gratney, Green the Lassies that Hae Siller).
Open Solo for Lowland/Border Pipes – 1. Iain Gelston (Canny W illie Foster); 2. Matt Seattle (John Anderson My Jo).
The Martin Lowe Trophy (awarded to the piper who has made the greatest contribution to lowland and border piping) – Matt Seattle.
Overseas Class for Performance – 1. Chad Fross (Tunes unknown); 2. Abbey Arkotxa (Tunes unknown); 3.Geoff Jones (Tunes unknown).

Judges: Hamish Moore, Iain MacInnes, Colin McAldowie, Stuart Letford, Jeannie Campbell, George

The day also saw the launch of a new collection of tunes from the pen of Julian Goodacre. The book has been four years in the making and contains almost 300 tunes. The book will be reviewed in the Piping Times in due course.