Pipe Major Ben Duncan in action today at St Andrews.

The results from the solo piping contests held today at St Andrews in Fife, Scotland are:

March – 1. Pipe Major Ben Duncan (in action today, right); 2. Brian Lamond; 3. Greig Canning; 4. Robbie MacIsaac.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Brian Lamond; 2. Pipe Major Ben Duncan; 3. Robbie MacIsaac; 4. Lewis Russell.

Jig – 1. Lewis Russell; 2. Greig Canning; 3. Pipe Major Ben Duncan; 4. Christopher McLeish.

Bobby Allen continued his run of great form today at St Andrews.
Bobby Allen continued his run of great form today at St Andrews.

– 1. Bobby Allen; 2. Hazel Whyte; 3. Euan Allen; 4. Douglas MacKechnie.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Bobby Allen; 2. Joshua Reilly; 3. Euan Allen; 4. Hazel Whyte.

Judge: Roderick Barron.

Meanwhile, when much of the pipe band world was getting soaked at Dumbarton yesterday, 16 hardy solo pipers competed in the shelter of Airth Castle’s equipment building, reports our correspondent. Due to the persistent heavy rain, the decision was made early on to move Airth Highland Games’ solo piping competitions there.

The games were opened by the Alloa & Bowmar Pipe Band. All credit to the band for playing through the rain to the games field.


Bobby Allen and Euan Allen at Airth.
Bobby Allen and Euan Allen at Airth.

Ceòl Mòr
– 1. Sandy Cameron (The Red Speckled Bull); 2. Brian Lamond (MacIntosh’s Lament; 3. Greig Wilson (Clan Campbell’s Gathering); 4. Ben Mulhearn (The King’s Taxes).
MSR – 1. Brian Lamond; 2. Lachie Dick; 3. Sandy Cameron; 4. Greig Wilson.
Hornpipe & Jig – 1. Brian Lamond; 2. Calum Wynd; 3. Lachie Dick; 4. Sandy Cameron.

Slow Air
– 1. Archie Clark; 2. Bobby Allen; 3. Lexie MacCappin; 4. Euan Allen.
March – 1. Bobby Allen; 2. Archie Clark; 3. Euan Allen; 4. Lexie MacCappin.

Roddy Livingstone and Neill Mulvie judged all competitions.