The running order for the Open competitions at Aboyne Games, which take place in the Aberdeenshire village tomorrow (August 3), is:

Piobaireachd (commences 10:30) – Callum Beaumont; Andrew Hall; Jordan Ednie; Alan Clark; John Dew; James MacPetrie; George Taylor; Gordon Barclay; Jack Taylor; Timothy Ness; Andy Graham; John MacDonald; Andrew Yu; Allan Russell; Duncan Watson; Gordon MacReady; Callum Brown; Gregor McCulloch; Edward Gaul.

March and Strathspey & Reel (commences 10:30) – John MacDonald; Gordon MacReady; Timothy Ness; Edward Gall; Calum Brown; Alan Clark; Gordon Barclay; Andrew Hall; Allan Russell; Andrew Yu; Callum Beumont; Gregor MacCulloch; Jordan Ednie; George Taylor; Andy Graham; James MacPetrie; John Dew.

The weather forecast is good.