Maxville results


The 71st annual Glengarry Highland Games and North American Championships were held as ever in Maxville, Ontario over two days this weekend.

Friday saw the amateur solo piping competitions with the professional solos and pipe band competitions held yesterday.

Florida’s City of Dunedin Pipe Band won the pipe band championships – the first time an American band won it since the 1960s. The band won the Grade 2 Worlds last season.

An error had initially had the 78th Fraser Highlanders named as the champions.

Meanwhile, in the solo piping competitions held on Friday, Matt MacIsaac won the Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) and Jack Lee the Bar to the Gold Medal.



Bar to the Gold Medal – 1. Jack Lee (The Daughter’s Lament); 2. Derek Midgley (Donald Gruamach); 3. Bruce Gandy (The Bells of Perth).
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Jim McGillivray and Bob  Worrall.

Piobaireachd Society Gold Medal (Canada) – 1. Matt MacIsaac (The Old Men of the Shells); 2. Bobby Durning (Rout of Glenfruin); 3. Ben McClamrock (The Old Men of the Shells); 4. Tyler Johnson (The Blind Piper’s Obstinacy); 5. Tyler Bridge (Rout of Glenfruin).
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Jim Stack and Bob Worrall.

Ceòl Mòr
A Grade
– 1. James MacHattie; 2. Zephan Knichel; 3. Bobby Durning; 4. Glenn Walpole; 5. Callum Harper; 6. Andy Rogers.
Judge: Jim McGillivray.

B Grade – 1. Tyler Johnson; 2. Austin Diepenhorst; 3. Brad Davidson; 4. Dylan Whittamore; 5. Tyler Harris; 6. Mike Allegretti.
Judge: Andrew Berthoff.

Ben McClamrock.
Ben McClamrock.

MSR – 1. Bruce Gandy; 2. Callum Harper; 3. Ben McClamrock; 4. Matt MacIsaac; 5. Andrea Boyd; 6. Ian K. MacDonald.
Judge: Robert Mathieson.

March – 1. Ian K. MacDonald; 2. Ben McClamrock; 3. Matt MacIsaac; 4. Callum Harper; 5. Dan Lyden; 6. Andrea Boyd.
Judge: Hector MacDonald.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Matt MacIsaac; 2. Andrea Boyd; 3. Callum Harper; 4. Ben McClamrock; 5. Austin Diepenhorst; 6. Glenn Walpole.
Judge: Bob Worrall.

Jigs – 1. Matt MacIsaac; 2. Ian K. MacDonald; 3. Glenn Walpole; 4. Zephaniah Knichel; 5. Jacob Dicker; 6. Andrea Boyd.
Judge: Pete Aumonier.


Grade 1 (overall) – 1. City of Dunedin (ensemble preference); 2. 78th Fraser Highlanders; 3. 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel).

Grade 2 (overall) – 1. Peel Regional Police; 2. Worcester Kilties; 3. Toronto Police.
Judges: Jim McGillivray, Robert Mathieson, Lynda MacKay, Glenna MacKay-Johnstone (piping); Duncan Millar, Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Bob Worrall and Andrew Berthoff (ensemble).

Glengarry Pipe Band, the local band.
Glengarry Pipe Band, the local band.

Grade 3 (MSR) – 1. Guelph; 2. Fredericton Society of St. Andrew; 3. College of Piping, Summerside.
Judges: Brian Williamson and Charlie MacDonald (piping), Hugh Cameron (drumming) and Jim McGillivray (ensemble).

Grade 4 – 1. Dartmouth & District; 2. Durham Regional Police; 3. Hamilton Police.
Judges: Peter Sinclair and Robert Mathieson (piping), Duncan Millar (drumming) and Bob Worrall (ensemble).

Grade 5 (marches) – 1. Cape Breton University; 2. London Firefighters; 3. Fredericton Society of St. Andrew.
Judges: Peter Sinclair and Charlie MacDonald (piping), Greg Dinsdale (drumming) and Lynda MacKay (ensemble).