Johnny Simpson into 'Melbank's Salute' for judges Gordon Clark and Colin MacLellan today at Birnam.
Johnny Simpson into ‘Melbank’s Salute’ for judges Gordon Clark and Colin MacLellan today at Birnam.

Birnam Highland Games took place today in changeable weather, writes Stuart Letford. In the morning the torrential rain caused quite a few of the competitors to leave their pipes in their boxes and head back home. There was a real possibility at one stage of the event being cancelled.

However, at noon the showers relented and the sun shone. The conditions thereafter were changeable and caused a few problems for competitors. That said, there was good music to be heard from the pipers who handled the conditions well.


Ceòl Mòr – 1. Ben McClamrock; 2. Ursa Beckford; 3. Jacob Dicker; 4. Archie Drennan; 5. Dan Lyden.
Judges: Gordon Clark and Colin MacLellan.

March – 1. Jonathan Simpson; 2. Jacob Dicker; 3. Ben McClamrock; 4. Dan Lyden; 5. Anna Kummerlöw.
Jimmy Banks and Ron Clark.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Dan Lyden; 2. Jonathan Simpson; 3. Ben McClamrock; 4. Jacob Dicker; 5. Chris McLeish.
Judges: Jimmy Banks and Ron Clark.

Jigs – 1. Angus MacPhee; 2. Hamish Drennan; 3. Jonathan Simpson; 4. Ursa Beckford; 5. Anna Kummerlöw.
Judge: Neil Mulvie.