Chris Earl.
PBA President, Chris Earl.

Pipe Bands Australia’s leadership team was re-elected at the organisation’s AGM on September 13.

Pipe Bands Australia’s (PBA) is the governing body for Australia’s six pipe band associations (comprising 110 bands) and at the AGM, two members from each association has a vote.

The AGM and conference is a biennial event. The Association has had a rocky time in recent years, including an embezzlement case, the suspension of several members and the disbandment the Grade 1 band, City of Whitehorse.

Meanwhile, at yesterday’s conference, PBA President, Chris Earl, formally recognised the respective achievements made this year by various pipers and pipe bands in the Association.

The President’s Commendations named Scotch College (Melbourne), Knox Grammar, the R. U. Brown Society, Scotch College (Adelaide), Richard Wilson and many others. The full list can be found HERE.
At the end of June, Scotch College (Melbourne) became the first Australian juvenile band to win a major international pipe band championships when it won the European Championships held at Bught Park, Inverness.