McMichael overall at All Ireland

Ashley McMichael
Ashley McMichael

Ashley McMichael, pictured right, was declared the All Ireland Champion Piper for 2019. The annual competition was held earlier today at Lusk National School, just outside Dublin.

The Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band stalwart is a previous winner of the competition as well as the Northern Ireland Piper of the Year.

Full piping results:

A Grade
– 1. Ashley McMichael; 2. Ross Miller; 3. Julian Dornan;
Judges: Tery Tully and John Wilson.

Ceòl Mòr – 1. Scott Wallace (The King’s Taxes); 2. Ross Miller (Massacre of Glencoe); 3. Kris Coyle, (Tulloch Ard).
Judge: Robert Wallace.

B Grade
– 1. Alastair Donaghy; 2. Ryan Cupples-Menendez; 3. Desmond Smyth.
Judge: J Wilson.

Ceòl Mòr – 1. Brian Crawford; 2. Desmond Smyth; 3. Andrew Shilliday.
Judge: John Reville.

C1 Grade MSR – 1. James Stone; 2. Mark Adair; 3. Mark Hasson.
Judge: Ronan Maguire.

C2 Grade – 1. Ernesto Gongora; 2. Con Houlihan; 3. Catriona Lloyd
Judge: Terry Tully.

Under 18 – 1. Mark Warnock; 2. Fraser Rodgers; 3. Cian Flanagan.
Judge: Ronan Maguire.

Under 16 – 1. Andrew Nelson; 2. Jack Hamill; 3. Brady Annet;
Judge: John Wilson.

Under 14 – 1. Sam Purvis; 2. Callum Piner; 3. Thomas Winters,
Judge: Terry Tully.