Competitors from seven different countries entered the Competing Pipers’ Association’s (CPA), recent online B Grade competition. The results are:

B Grade Piobaireachd (29 competed) – 1. Bobby Durning (The Rout of Glen Fruin); 2. Fraser Allison (MacNeill of Barra’s March); 3. Teddy Krogh (Nameless, Dro O Dro); 4. Gwenael Dage (The Red Speckled Bull); 5. Angus MacPhee (The Blind Piper’s Obstinacy).
Judges: Colin McLellan and Glenn Brown.

B Grade MSR (19 competed) – 1. Brodie Watson-Massey; 2. Callum Wynd; 3. Sandy Cameron; 4. Zephan Knichel; 5. Fraser Allison.
Judge: Jim McGillivary.

The CPA’s A&P grade competitions will be held in September.

The organisation’s online AGM is on Sunday, August 16.

Kim Greeley of Honolulu, Hawai’i, USA is the winner of the signed copy of Kyle Warren’s new collection, Eat Sleep Pipe Repeat.

Kim, who is Pipe Major of Celtic Kula Pipe Band of Hawai’i, was first with the correct answer to the question: from 2016-2019 Kyle Warren was the Pipe Major of which Australian pipe band?

The answer is, of course, Hawthorn City Pipe Band.