Tune contest winners / Two band photos

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The winners of the RSPBA’s recent composing competition are: 1. The Wilkie Powder Horn by L. A. Rennie; 2. – Otago Street by Liam Nicolson; 3. – Cabin Fever by Noa Burt.

Uddingston Strathclyde Pipe Band’s 90th Anniversary March for the Masses won the Combined Band Entry. This entry required the submission of the melody and scores for the pipes, side drums, a bass and up to two tenors.

All entries were judged by Iain Simpson, Matt Wilson, Mark Faloon, Paul Brown and Tom Brown.

The RSPBA says the aim of the composing compettion was to provide a challenge to its Juvenile members while they were unable to engage in their normal practice regime due to COVID-19.

Two more photographs from our archives. Can anyone guess who these two pipe bands of yesteryear are and any of the individuals?