Robbie’s state of FLUX / Ainsley Hart new PBA President / Turriff online results


Young Scottish piper, Robbie MacIsaac, pictured, has invented a blowstick which he claims controls the level of moisture in pipe bags.

Robbie is from Falkirk and is a member of ScottishPower Pipe Band’s pipe corps. He has been working on his system – called FLUX – for the past six years and says it works by cooling, condensing and absorbing the moisture directly from the piper’s breath through a difference in temperature and pressure in an absorption chamber. This condensation is absorbed by a non-toxic and reusable silica desiccant before it circulates within the bag.

Robbie said: “FLUX is non-intrusive and lightweight (96 grams) and it doesn’t restrict or alter the airflow of the pipes nor the sound.”

A former pupil at Strathallan School in Perthshire, Robbie is currently studying Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Robbie was the Pipe Idol winner at Piping Live! in 2017.

Robbie’s blowstick is being manufactured by McCallum Bagpipes and retails at £80.00. Further information.

Pipe Bands Australia has appointed Ainsley Hart as its new president. Hart, who teaches piping at a school in Sydney, is the former Pipe Major of the Grade 1 City of Blacktown Pipe Band and is now current piping judge.

Hart’s appointment comes just over two months since the resignation of Chris Earl. Hart ran unsuccessfully against Earl at the organisation’s AGM last September. He has served on the PBA’s National Management Council for five years.

The PBA said in a statement: “The National Management Committee of Pipe Bands Australia is pleased to announce its recent appointment of Mr Ainsley Hart to the vacant position of President of the organisation.

Ainsley Hart.

“Members the National Management Committee commented that the process was extremely thorough and rewarding. The involvement of both Committee members and National Council was most beneficial, providing buy-in from all levels of management and may provide a platform for future appointments within the organisation.

“We have a good deal of business on our agenda and of course, there are a lot of challenges to face,” Hart said. “I am very much looking forward to drawing on my time in bands and as a competitor to bring some of that grassroots understanding of how the association’s decisions and direction play out to the members. I believe the collaborative approach that the National Council and Committee took in the selection process for this role was a positive step towards working together, and I plan to make sure that this type of approach is how we move forward.”

Over 200 individual competitors and 550 submissions were received for the recent online solo piping and drumming competition organised by Scotland’s Turriff & District Pipe Band.



March – 1. Jonathon Simpson; 2. John Dew; 3. Kyle Howie; 4. Lachie Dick; 5. Ross Miller; 6. Rachel Gray.
Judge: Ian Duncan.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Jonathon Simpson; 2. Ross Miller; 3. John Dew; 4. Douglas Gardiner; 5. Rachel Gray; 6.= Scott Armstrong/Karen McCrindle Warren.
Judge: Dougie Murray.

Jonathon Simpson, Killin 2019.
Jonathon Simpson, Killin 2019.

Hornpipe & Jig – 1. John Dew; 2. Ross Miller; 3. Jonathon Simpson; 4. Kyle Howie; 5. Scott Armstrong; 6. Lachie Dick.
Judge: Chris Armstrong.

Overall: Jonathon Simpson

Open (John Lawson Memorial March) – 1. Rachel Gray; 2. Hamish Munro; 3. Jeffrey Lawson.
Judge: Chris Armstrong.

Snare Drumming:

Open MSR – 1. Lachlan Gibb; 2. Kes Kunze; 3. Cal Soligram; 4. Jamie Wallis; 5. Stuart Walker; 6. Lauren Rimmer.
Judge: Steven McWhirter.

Open Hornpipe and Jig – 1. Kes Kunze; 2. Ross Martin; 3. Cal Soligram; 4. Lachlan Gibb;
Judge: Gordon Brown.

Overall: Kes Kunze.

Tenor Drumming:

Open MSR – 1. Shannon Davies; 2. Eilidh Ferries; 3. Jill Watson; 4. Andrea Jackson; 5. Morven Walker; 6. Aimee Reid.
Judge: Glenn Higgins.

Open Hornpipe and Jig – 1. Jill Watson; 2. Eilidh Ferries; 3. Josh Cunningham; 4. Andrea Jackson.
Judge: Peter Carter.

Overall: Eilidh Ferries.