Field Marshal Montgomery, the last band on in Grade 1, heads to the arena today at a wet Dumbarton.
Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band at the 2019 Scottish Pipe Band Championships held at Levengrove Park, Dumbarton.

The RSPBA’s Music Board has eased the playing criteria for the two remaining championships for the 2021 season. The revision is as a result of ongoing COVID-19 situation and an appreciation that preparation time will be dramatically reduced to participate at these Championships – should they go ahead.

The organisation said in a statment: “Each Grade will play the same at the Scottish Championships and the World Championships. The only exception is Grade 1, where both MSR and Medley shall be played at the World Championships.

“We have taken each grade individually and identified the easement to be put in place:

Grade 1: Only 1 MSR and 1 Medley to be presented.
Grade 2: Only 1 Medley to be presented.
Grade 3 A&B: Only 1 MSR to be presented.
Grade Juvenile: Only 1 Medley to be presented.
Grade 4A & Novice Juvenile A: Criteria unchanged. 1 prescribed MSR to be presented.
Grade 4B & Novice Juvenile B: Criteria unchanged. Prescribed 2/4March set to be presented.”

The RSPBA also said that the promoters of the Scottish [West Dunbartonshire Council] and World Pipe Band Championships [Glasgow City Council] are considering the recent Scottish Government announcement on the phased exit from lockdown, particularly the criteria that needs to be met by the events industry as they look at the viability of running the event.