Giovanni Giulianini of Italy [pictured] was the overall winner of the Grade 1 contest in the recent ‘virtual highland games’ organised by the National Piping Centre’s Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers (CLASP). The competition was sponsored by R. G. Hardie & Co.

Overall results:­­­­­­­

Grade 1 (receiving an overall medal and R G Hardie weather resistant contour bagpipe cover and matching cords) – Giovanni Giulianini (Italy).
Grade 2 (receiving an overall medal and R. G Hardie & Co. deluxe pipe case and bagpipe polishing kit) – John Nevans (Scotland).
Grade 3 (receiving an overall medal and R. G Hardie & Co. blackwood Infinity pipe chanter) – Zachary Dwyer (Canada).
Grade 4 (receiving an overall medal & R. G Hardie & Co. long plastic celtic engraved practice chanter) – Lou Lanaro (Canada).

Full results:

Stuart Marshall.

Grade 1
Ceòl Mòr – 1. Stuart Marshall (Beloved Scotland); 2. Giovanni Giulianini (Sir James Macdonald of the Isles Lament); 3. Balint Kiss (MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart); 4. Evan Wraga (Massacre of Glencoe); 5. Trevor De Mass (Lament for the Viscount of Dundee); 6. Gill Cairns (Lament for Donald of Laggan).
Judge: Donald MacPhee.
March, Strathspey & Reel – 1. Craig Black (The Braes of Castle Grant//The Piper’s Bonnet//Sandy Cameron); 2. Stuart Marshall (The Taking of Beaumont Hamel//Miss Lily//Broadford Bay); 3. Scott Long (The Duke of Roxburgh’s Farewell to the Blackmount Forest//John Roy Stewart//John MacInnes); 4. Robert Russell (Duncan MacColl//Susan Macleod//Alick C. MacGregor); 5. Trevor DeMass (Doctor E.G. MacKinnon//Caledonian Society of London//Alick Cameron Champion Piper); 6. Giovanni Giulianini (Arthur Bignold of Loch Rosque//Ewe wi’ Crookit’ Horn//Sound of Sleat).
Judge: Alex Gandy.
6/8 March – Jay Wilson; 2. Benjamen Elliot; 3. Scott Long; 4. Robert Wilson; 5. Giovanni Giulianini; 6. Dane Grant.
Judge: John Mulhearn.

John Nevans.

Grade 2
Ceòl Mòr – 1. Andrea Jones (Marquis of Argyll’s Salute); 2. John Nevans (The Boat Tune); 3. Ben Hall (The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute); 4. Gregory Joseph (The King’s Taxes); 5. Eddie Boland (Tulloch Ard); 6. Gordon Ross (The Battle of Auldearn).
Judge: Alastair Dunn.
2/4 March – 1. Balint Kiss; 2. John Nevans; 3. Alexander MacKay; 4. David Richardson; 5. Mariko Arimoto; 6. Hans Grothusen.
Judge: Gail Brown.
Strathspey & Reel – 1. David Richardson; 2. Balint Kiss; 3. John Nevans; 4.  Alexander MacKay; 5. Mariko Arimoto; 6. Eddie Boland.
Judge: Gail Brown.
Jig – John Nevans;  2. Kurtis Bryden; 3. Eddie Boland; 4. Alexander MacKay; 5. David Richardson; 6. Balint Kiss.
Judge: John Mulhearn.

Grade 3
Ceòl Mòr – 1. Tom DuBois; 2. Anthony Kelly; 3. Zachary Dwyer; 4. Colin MacKenzie; 5. Graham Hislop; 6. Alasdair Beaton.
Judge: Gail Brown.
2/4 March (Final) – 1. Colin Mackenzie; 2. Ross Martin; 3. Zachary Dwyer; 4.  Anthony Kelly; 5. Kim Greeley; 6. Philip Duthie.
Strathspey & Reel (Final) – 1. Zachary Dwyer; 2. Martin Lee; 3. Colin Mackenzie; 4. Robert Cunningham; 5. Philip Duthie; 6. Alasdair Beaton.
Jig – 1. Zachary Dwyer; 2. Ross Martin; 3. Ken MacLean; 4. Colin MacKenzie; 5. Kim Greely; 6. David Todd.
Judge: Dan Nevans.

Left: Zachary Dwyer, overall winner of Grade 3. Right: Lou Lanaro, overall winner of Grade 4.

Grade 4
Ceòl Mòr – 1. Vickie Gray; 2. Lou Lanaro; 3. Gavin Davis; 4. Riccardo Brunelli; 5. Steve Langford; 6. Billie Narver.
Judge: Connor Sinclair.
2/4 March – 1. Lou Lanaro; 2. Amanda Brennan; 3. Vickie Gray; 4. Gavin Davis; 5. Sean Kelly; 6. Riccardo Brunelli.
Judge: Alastair Dunn.
Strathspey & Reel – 1. Amanda Brennan; 2. Lou Lanaro; 3. Vickie Gray; 4. Riccardo Brunelli; 5. Gavin Davis; 6. Steve Langford.
Judge: Alastair Dunn.
Jig – 1. Steve Langford; 2. Gavin Davis; 3. Vickie Gray.
Judge: Dan Nevans.

The next CLASP competiton, the World Solo Amateur Piping Competition that takes place during Piping Live! will also be a video submission competition. This competition is open to adult amateur pipers graded 1, 2, 3 and 4. Grade 5 pipers can opt to play up in Grade 4 events. Each overall winner will be offered a free place on a National Piping Centre Adult Gathering course.

• For full information and to join CLASP.