Reader, Ann Chapman who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, has a set of pipes she wishes to sell on behalf of her son.

Ann tells us she bought the pipes – made by McCallum Bagpipes – for her son who learnt to play as a youngster through the Sheffield Pipe Band in England. Now grown up and at university, her son wishes to sell the pipes to support his studies.

The pipes – nickel and imitation ivory – sound excellent and, as the photograph indicates, the sale includes two practice chanters and a pipe case amongst other items.

On parade. Ms Chapman’s young son in the middle of the Sheffield band ten yars ago.

Please contact us in the usual way in the first instance and we shall pass your interest to Ms Chapman.

Ceòlas Uibhist , the South Uist-based body that promotes and nurtures traditional music, language, culture and heritage, is seeking a Chief Executive.

The position is based on the island, is full-time and is permanent. The salary is £40,000 per annum. The post-holder is expected to have Gaelic.

South Uist is one of Scotland’s last Gaelic strongholds.

• For further details and to apply.

The closing date for applications is August 17.