Kintail rises from the ashes


The Kintail brand, which ran from 1971 until 2012, is back in business.

Kintail was a well-known Scottish pipe making-company founded by Greig Sharp in 1971. After he died in 2009 his family kept the business going for a short time.

Businessman and piper, Peter Weidig of Perthshire in Scotland recently bought the business, its tools, branding and stock.

After a short period of investment in new tooling and machinery, as well as refining the product range and quality, the company is now back producing pipes from its new workshop near Aberfeldy.

In addition, Mr. Weidig has acquired all the remaining tooling and intellectual property rights to David Glen & Sons as well as J & R Glen. The Glen firm continued making pipes until 1979 and has now been incorporated into Kintail Bagpipe Makers.

Peter Weidig.

Bagpipe.News understands that Stuart Samson MBE will debut two of the company’s products – his new set of J & R Glen pipes and new Kintail pipe chanter – tomorrow afternoon at his Piobaireachd of the Day recital. His recital is sponsored by The Piobaireachd Society and will include a performance of The Old Men of the Shells. Samson is a former Director of Army Bagpipe Music.

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