The Scottish Pipers’ Association professional contest took place today, April 30, in The National Piping Centre. The results were:

P/A/Open Piobaireachd

  1. William Geddes, Old Men of the Shells
  2. Steven Leask, Big Spree
  3. Ben Duncan, Lord Lovat’s Lament
    Judges: A Forbes, D Fraser
•William Geddes

Open Marches

  1. John Dew
  2. Steven Gray
  3. Greig Canning
  4. Callum Wynd
  5. Jamie Elder
  6. Fraser Allison

Open Strathspeys and Reels

  1. Calum Brown
  2. Steven Gray
  3. Fraser Allison
  4. Jamie Elder
  5. Brodie Watson-Massey
  6. Callum Wynd
    Judges: J Banks, R Huth
•SPA President, Logan Tannock, with Calum Brown and Jeannie Campbell MBE

Former Winners’ MSR

  1. John Dew
  2. Steven Leask
  3. Ben Duncan
    Judges: J Banks, M Henderson

B Grade Piobaireachd 

  1. Greig Canning
  2. Brodie Watson-Massey
  3. John Dew
    Judges: M Henderson, R Livingstone

6/8 March

  1. Ben Duncan
•SPA President, Logan Tannock, with Ben Duncan and Jeannie Campbell MBE

C Grade Piobaireachd

  1. Kyle Shead
  2. James McPetrie
  3. Gregor McCulloch
    Judges: L Barclay, P Henderson

C Grade Marches

  1. Stuart McCallum
  2. Cameron May
  3. Kyle Shead

C Grade Strathspeys & Reels

  1. Stuart McCallum
  2. Kyle Shead
  3. Cameron May
    Judges: R Barnes, P Hunt
•SPA President, Logan Tannock, with Stuart McCallum