The National Piping Centre has announced the teachers for the Summer Adult Gathering which runs from July 25-28, 2022. The Gathering will have one-to-one lessons, group workshops and masterclasses taught by Willie McCallum, Ailis Sutherland, David Shedden, John Mulhearn, Malin Lewis, Danny Hutcheson and Dr. Andrew Bova. This school is four days and costs £250 in person or £220 online.

The schools will run in two timezones, one for in person teaching and one for online students. The in-person school will run during the day UK time (9am – 5pm UK time), with the online school running in the evenings (3pm – 9pm UK time). There will be no option for online learning during the day, or in person learning in the evening.

For more information and booking visit The National Piping Centre’s website here.