NYPBS perform for Ukraine and Scotland


The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland played a special rendition of the Ukrainian National Anthem in the iconic surroundings of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum to welcome the Ukrainian national team and their travelling supporters ahead of tonight’s Scotland versus Ukraine football game at Hampden.

•Video and photo by Paul Jennings

The idea – which was the brainchild of writer, communicator, and strategist (and piper!) Alastair Campbell and the National Piping Centre’s Director of Piping Finlay MacDonald – when Finlay was giving Alastair a lesson around 6 weeks ago.  

The duo took the idea to the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland who jumped at the chance learn and play the anthem, entitled Sche ne vmerla UkrainaUkraine has not yet perished, and extend a hand of musical friendship to the Ukrainian people and show their support for their continuing struggle against the Russian invasion. 

Finlay MacDonald, Director of Piping at The National Piping Centre, said: “As a nation we of course want Scotland to win tonight but we are 100% behind Ukraine in the bigger battle they are facing.”

Charlie Mack, one of the NYPBoS pipers, aged just 13 said: “I’ll be supporting Scotland tonight just because I’m Scottish, but I really want Ukraine have a good game, they deserve it. The war makes me feel sorry for them and what they’re going through. It’s not nice.

“You feel really passionate playing your own National Anthem but Ukraine’s is a really upbeat tune and to be honest a little bit more fun to play!

Eva Seba, one of the snare drummers with the NYPBoS, said: “It was quite emotional playing the national anthem after everything that’s happened. It feels important to play it well as it means so much to so many people. You think about the emotion when you’re playing, it feels like a happy tune but there’s still a bit of melancholy as you’re so aware of what the people of Ukraine are going through.

“As a snare drummer you’re very out in the open but it would be pretty obvious if I got something wrong. It’s a big responsibility to get it right! It feels like a huge deal, a big responsibility.”