The Ceres Highland Games took place in the Kingdom of Fife yesterday, June 25. While most of the piping world would have been focussed on the European Pipe Band Championships in Inverness, solo pipers travelled to Ceres to play in the piping competitions. The weather was sunny all day, apart from a heavy shower during Callum Wynd’s MSR – which couldn’t have put him off as he was the Overall Winner on the day.

The results were as follows:

•Callum Wynd receives his trophy at the Ceres Games 2022


  1. Callum Wynd
  2. Ben Mulhearn
  3. Darach Urquhart
  4. Angus McPhee


  1. Angus McPhee
  2. Callum Wynd
  3. Darach Urquhart
  4. Rebecca Capon

Strathspey and Reel

  1. Callum Wynd
  2. Angus McPhee
  3. Darach Urquhart
  4. Lachie Dick

Junior Solo Piping

  1. Joseph Townsley
  2. Callum-James Bulloch
•Callum Wynd performing against the quaint backdrop of Ceres village. Jimmy Banks is the piping judge sitting in the shade