Results from the Abernethy Games


The Abernethy Games took place on Saturday, August 13, in the picturesque village within the Perth and Kinross region. Seven pipe bands played in the competition which was judged by Archie Maclean from Inverness. The Portsoy Pipe Band were announced as the winners of the George Bain Challenge Shield making it the third win in a row, having won it in 2018, 2019 and 2022. The shield was created by the well-known Scottish artist, George Bain, who’s book Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction was re-issued in 1972 and introduced Celtic knotwork designs into mainstream culture.

•The Portsoy Pipe Band celebrating their win, with the George Bain Shield in the front and centre

Find out more about George Bain at the Groam House Museum here.

Five pipers competed in the solo piping at Abernethy which was held in a cool, shady spot, attracting a larger audience than normal on a steamy hot day. The results were as follows:


•Adam Taylor, Australia
  1. Adam Taylor, Australia – Lament for the Only Son
  2. Neil Esslemont, Aylesbury – Lament for Donald of Laggan
  3. Angus McPhee
  4. Alan Clark
  5. Les Hutt


  1. Alan Clark
  2. Angus MacPhee
  3. Neil Esslemont
  4. Les Hutt

Strathspey and Reel

  1. Alan Clark
  2. Angus MacPhee
  3. Leslie Hutt
  4. Neil Esslemont 


  1. Alan Clark
  2. Neil Esslemont
  3. Adam Taylor

Judges: Duncan Watson, Jack Taylor

•Overall winner, Alan Clark