Solo piping results at the Crieff Highland Gathering


Zephan Knickel was the overall winner today at Crieff Highland Gathering. This was the first time in eight years that solo piping had featured at the historic event held in Perthshire, Scotland. An international entry played in good weather conditions throughout the day. The results were as follows.

Ceòl Mòr

  1. Peter McCallister
  2. Cameron May
  3. Zephan Knickel
  4. Ben McClamrock
  5. Steven Gray
    Judges: Euan Anderson and Bill Wotherspoon*. 
•Peter McCallister and Zephan Knickel
•Alex Gandy


  1. Alex Gandy
  2. Liam Kernaghan
  3. Steven Gray
  4. Zephan Knickel
  5. Chris McLeish
    Judges: Jimmy Banks MBE and Stuart Samson MBE

*Bill Wotherspoon replaced Ron Clark who is recuperating after a brief spell in hospital. We wish Ron all the very best.

•Liam Kernaghan
•Eddie Gaul
•Peter McCallister