Results from the Lochnell Intermediate Youth Piping Championship 2022


The Lochnell Intermediate Youth Piping Championship took place yesterday, October 22, at Lochnell Castle in Benderloch, Argyll.

The competitors were seven of Scotland’s finest pipers under the age of twenty-two: Ruairidh Brown, Andrew Ferguson, Luke Kennedy, Gregor MacDonald, Angus MacPhee, Cameron May and Brodie Watson-Massey.

The competition is run by The Argyllshire Gathering Piping Trust, which was set up by the Argyllshire Gathering in 1979 as response to a gradual decline in piping across Argyll through the 70s. Since then the Trust has led the way in restoring piping across Argyll to the position of great strength it enjoys today.

Overall winner Ruairidh Brown — £200


  1. Andrew Ferguson, MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament — £120
  2. Gregor MacDonald, Battle of the Pass of Crieff — £80
  3. Cameron May, Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon — £60
  4. Ruairidh Brown, Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbet’s Fancy — £40


  1. Ruairidh Brown — £120
  2. Angus MacPhee — £80
  3. Brodie Watson-Massey — £60
  4. Luke Kennedy — £40

Each piper also received appearance money.