The AnCrios Gréine Sun Belt Invitational competition took place on Saturday, November 12, 2022 in the Sheraton, Orlando, Florida. The competition was organised by Eric Stein, who previously organised the prestigious Metro Cup in New York from 2005 till 2020.

The competitors were: Willie McCallum, Stuart Liddell, Bruce Gandy, Andrew Donlon, Ian K. MacDonald, Ben McClamrock, Connor Sinclair, Glenn Brown, Angus D. MacColl and Callum Beaumont. The overall winner was Callum Beaumont who received $1000 and tickets to Disney World. The full results are as follows:

•Overall winner Callum Beaumont with organiser Eric Stein.


  1. Callum Beaumont
  2. Angus MacColl
  3. Ian K MacDonald
  4. Bruce Gandy
  5. Stuart Liddell


  1. Glenn Brown
  2. Stuart Liddell
  3. Bruce Gandy
  4. Connor Sinclair
  5. Angus MacColl
•Overall winner Callum Beaumont, and winner of the MSR event, Glenn Brown, enjoyed the sights of Disney World to unwind after the competition.