The organisers, competitors and judges at the George Sherriff Memorial Invitational 2022

The 26th George Sherriff Memorial Invitational competition took place yesterday in St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario. The competition is organised by Bob Worrall, the well-respected piper and adjudicator and well-loved presenter of the BBC’s World Pipe Band Championship broadcasts.

•Callum Bevan

The competition featured some of the finest amateur pipers from throughout Canada and the United States, and the competitors bios can be viewed on the George Sherriff website. The overall winner was Callum Bevan, who achieved three firsts in all three events. The full results were as follows:

6/8 Marches:

  1. Callum Bevan
  2. Cameron Bonar
  3. Thomas Cangelosi
  4. Gillian Blaney
  5. Thomas Bruce


  1. Callum Bevan
  2. Gillian Blaney
  3. Cameron Bonar
  4. Thomas Bruce
  5. Will Shropshire

March, Strathspey & Reel

  1. Callum Bevan
  2. Thomas Cangelosi
  3. Thomas Bruce
  4. Cameron Bonar
  5. Gillian Blaney

Overall Results

  1. Callum Bevan
  2. Cameron Bonar
  3. Gillian Blaney
  4. Thomas Cangelosi
  5. Thomas Bruce

Judges: Ann Gray, John Cairns and Roddy MacLeod MBE.