Solo piping results from Aberdeen Highland Games 2023


Thanks to Dr Jack Taylor for his solo piping results, report and photos from the Aberdeen Highland Games, held at Hazelhead Park yesterday, Sunday, June 18. It was an almost perfect day for pipes at Aberdeen’s Hazelhead Park – warm with light cloud cover.  19 seniors and 10 juniors played, and it was encouraging to see three in the new chanter class, requiring 2 parts of a march.

Piobaireachd judge Duncan Watson commented: “The playing in the ceòl mór was good. Perhaps of interest, 18 competed and there were 18 different tunes played, some hefty pieces and some a bit lighter, but there is no such thing as a simple tune – well I haven’t found one!”

Open Piobaireachd 

  1. Luke Kennedy
  2. Edward Gaul
  3. James McPetrie
  4. Gordon Barclay
  5. Fraser Maitland 
Fraser Maitland at Aberdeen 2023

Open March

  1. Kyle Howie
  2. Edward Gaul
  3. John MacDonald
  4. Angus MacPhee 
  5. Cameron May
•Kyle Howie at Aberdeen 2023

Open Strathspey and Reel

  1. Kyle Howie
  2. John MacDonald
  3. Cameron May
  4. Edward Gaul
  5. Luke Kennedy
•John MacDonald at Aberdeen 2023

Open Jig

  1. Luke Kennedy
  2. Cameron May
  3. Christopher McLeish
  4. Angus MacPhee
  5. Kyle Howie

Under 18 March

  1. James Fraser
  2. Lewis Stewart
  3. Craig Mitchell
  4. Rory Menzies
  5. Callum Pearson

Under 18 Strathspey and Reel

  1. James Fraser
  2. Callum Pearson
  3. Lewis Stewart
  4. Craig Mitchell
  5. Rory Menzies

Under 18 Jig

  1. Craig Mitchell
  2. James Fraser
  3. Rory Menzies
  4. Lewis Stewart
  5. Callum Pearson