Results from day two at Northern Meeting


It has been a very successful two days for Callum Beaumont at the Northern Meeting. Callum won the Senior Piobaireachd at Inverness yesterday, September 1, adding a Gold Clasp to accompany the Silver Star for MSR he won on day one of the competitions.

•Callum Beaumont with his girlfriend Eilidh Watson and his trophies from two very successful days at the Northern Meeting. Thanks to Callum for the photo.
•Seonaidh Forrest with his prizes from Inverness. Thanks to Flòraidh Forrest for the photo.

Seonaidh Forrest, 13, a pupil at Portree High School, has had a successful season including a clean sweep at the South Uist Highland Games, and topped off his summer with a win in the Under 15 Piobaireachd at the Northern Meeting. The full results were as follows:

Senior Piobaireachd – CLASP

  1. Callum Beaumont – The Phantom Piper of Corrieyairack
  2. Bruce Gandy – Lament for the Laird of Anapool
  3. Jamie Forrester – The Rout of the Lowland Captain
  4. Jack Lee – The Unjust Incarceration
  5. Iain Speirs – Nameless, Cherede Darievea
    Judges: Alan Forbes, Colin MacLellan and John Wilson

Hornpipe and Jig

  1. Fred Morrison
  2. Nick Hudson
  3. Angus D. MacColl
  4. Seumas Coyne
  5. Calum Brown
    Judges: Bruce Hitchings, Iain MacFadyen and Malcolm McRae

B Grade MSR

  1. Campbell Wilson
  2. Brodie Watson-Massey
  3. Chris Coyle
  4. Cameron May
  5. Bradley Parker
    Judges: Dr. Angus MacDonald, Murray Henderson and Niall Matheson

B Grade Hornpipe and Jig

  1. Bradley Parker
  2. Jack Williamson
  3. Brodie Watson-Massey
  4. Campbell Wilson
  5. John Dew
    Judges: Bill Wotherspoon and Ian Duncan

Under 18 Piobaireachd

  1. Cameron Bonar
  2. Thomas Fallon
  3. Liam Nicholson
  4. Fraser Hamilton
  5. Cameron MacPhail
    Judges: Patricia Henderson and Roddy Livingstone

Under 18 MSR

  1. Gregor Grierson
  2. Cameron MacPhail
  3. Hector Finlayson
  4. Cameron Bonar
  5. Paul MacKay
    Judges: Robert Barnes and Robert Wallace

Under 15 Piobaireachd

  1. Seonaidh Forrest
  2. Lachlan Rennie
  3. Hamish Stephens
  4. Grace Kelman
  5. Hugh Anderson
    Judges: Robert Barnes and Robert Wallace

Under 15 MSR

  1. Hamish Stevens
  2. Grace Kelman
  3. Lachlan Rennie
  4. Hugh Anderson
  5. Charlie MacLennan
    Judges: Patricia Henderson and Roddy Livingstone