Results from the Glengarry Cup in Ottawa


Ian K. MacDonald was the overall winner 2023 Glengarry Cup on a piobaireachd preference, and retains it from his win in 2022. The competition was held on Saturday, September 23, the Ottawa Branch of the Pipers’ and Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

A piobaireachd event was added to the competition this year, and it took place in the afternoon followed by an MSR contest in the evening. Alan B. Clark won the inaugural piobaireachd event playing Lament for Captain MacDougall, and Jacob Dicker won the MSR. Judges for both events were and Brian Williamson and the full results are below.

•Competitors, judges and organisers at the Glengarry Cup 2023.

After a very successful event in 2022, the event was once again held to coincide with the National Police and Peacekeepers Memorial events on Parliament Hill, which brings in police pipebands from outside the area. The contest drew a crowd of 100, filling the room at the Army Officers’ Mess, in Ottawa.

Karine Mayers, Ottawa Branch president said: “Gathering these high caliber performers from across the province fills the Branch with pride; it is so wonderful to see these individuals come to our city to compete.”

The Ottawa Branch wishes to thank Joan Matthews Khan for her generous contribution to the 2023 Glengarry Cup, in particular of the new piobaireachd event that has been added this year. Her support made the event possible this year and insured its success as it continues to grow.

The Glengarry Cup has been awarded since the 1980s when it was donated by the Glengarry Pipe Band. Past winners include Ed Bush, Bruce Gandy, Colin MacLellan, Michael Grey, Andrew Hayes, Rob Crabtree, Andrea Boyd, Matt MacIsaac and many others.

•The Glengarry Trophy


  1. Alan B. Clark – Lament for Captain MacDougall
  2. Ian K. MacDonald – Craigellachie
  3. Tyler Harris – The Desperate Battle
  4. Andrea Boyd – Rout of the Lowland Captain
  5. Scott McIntosh – The Battle of Auldearn – setting No. 1


  1. Jacob Dicker
  2. Tyler Harris
  3. Ian K. MacDonald
  4. Daniel Carr
  5. Sean McKeown

Also competing in both events, but not in the prize list: Tyler Bridge, Ross Davison, Liam
Melville, MacGregor van de Ven.