Congratulations to the 2023 CLASP ‘Live Online’ winners


The Competition for Amateur Solo Pipers offered three ‘Live Online’ competitions in February, May and November of 2023. These competitions are organised by Margaret Houlihan at The National Piping Centre in order to give amateur pipers across the world a chance to compete in the CLASP.

The CLASP ‘Live Online’ overall winners for 2023 are:

Grade 1: Charles-David Mitchell – youtube link to performance
Grade 2: Ernest Cho – youtube link to performance
Grade 3: Philip Burchardt – youtube link to performance
Grade 4: Steve Langford – youtube link to performance

Congratulations to the four winners!

The next CLASP ‘Live Online’ competition takes place on February 3, 2024. The Grade 1 event on February 3 is a qualifier to gain an invite to the inaugural World Amateur Champion of Champions Solo Piping Competition, which is an invitational contest featuring the top 10 amateur solo pipers selected from qualifying events across the world – the winner will receive a beautiful set of David Naill Bagpipes. A link to more information on the February 3, 2024 Live Online competition can be found here.

There will be a second CLASP ‘Live Online’ event in April/May (date tbc) and the third on November 2, 2024. The winner of the Grade 1 ‘Live Online’ in April/May will receive an invite to the An Crios Gréine – Sun Belt Amateur Invitational Competition in Florida, sponsored by Sun Belt organiser Eric Stein.

Dates for a series of in-person and ‘Live Online’ competitions confirmed so far for 2024, including workshop weekends, can be found on the right of the CLASP website home page at

•Grade 1 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2023 – Charles-David Mitchell
•Grade 2 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2023 – Ernest Cho
•Grade 3 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2023 – Philip Burchardt
•Grade 4 – ‘Live Online’ League Winner 2023 – Steve Langford