Results from the SPA Professional Competition 2024


The Scottish Pipers’ Association professional competition was held at the National Piping Centre yesterday, April 6. Logan Tannock, SPA President, said it was the largest number of competitors they have ever had, and the largest audience also.

The event was sponsored by the Piobaireachd Society and the Competing Pipers’ Association.

•The overall winner of the the day was Ben Duncan.

C GRADE – Piobaireachd 
1stKyle Shead£70
2nd James Frazer£40
3rd Cameron O’Neill£20
4th Calum Dunbar 
5th Walter Glendinning 
C GRADE – Marches 
1stScott McCaskill£40
2nd James Frazer£25
3rd Scott Garden£20
4th Andrew Pattison 
5th Kyle Shead 
 C GRADE – Strathspey and Reel 
1st Scott McCaskill£40
2nd James Frazer£25
3rd Scott Garden£20
4th Iain Simpson 
5th Kyle Shead 

•Callum Wynd, Cameron May, Willie McCallum and Ben Duncan with their trophies from the SPA Professional Competitions 2024.
B GRADE – Piobaireachd 
1stBrodie Watson-Massey – The Scottish Pipers Association Shield £80
2nd Callum Wynd£50
3rd John McDonald£30
4th Ashley McMichael 
5th Dan Nevans 
B GRADE – Marches 
1stCallum Wynd – The Donaldson Barclay Quaich £50
2nd Chris McLeish£30
3rd Ross Conner£25
4th Cameron May 
5th Bobby Allen 
 B GRADE – Strathspey and Reel 
1st Jonathon Simpson – The RBS Trophy £50
2nd Luke Kennedy£30
3rd Cameron May£25
4th Bobby Allen 
5th Finlay Frame 

•Jonathon Simpson with The RBS Trophy.
Open – Marches 
1stCallum Wynd – Donald MacDougall Trophy £80
2nd Chris McLeish£60
3rd Ross Conner£30
4th Cameron May 
5th Bobby Allen 
 Open – Strathspey and Reel 
1st Mike Fitzhenry – Duncan MacIntyre Trophy £80
2nd Jonathon Simpson£60
3rd Luke Kennedy£30
4th Cameron May 
5th Bobby Allen 

•Mike Fitzhenry with Duncan MacIntyre Trophy
Open – Piobaireachd 
1stCameron May – The Donald Macleod Trophy £100
2nd Ben Duncan£70
3rd John Mulhearn£40
4th Sandy Cameron 
5th Angus Macphee 
 6/8 March 
1st Cameron May – Duncan MacFadyen Memorial Trophy £50

Former Winners – M,S&R 
1stWillie McCallum – The Eachen Caimbeul Trophy £100
2nd Ben Duncan£70
3rd Callum Wynd£40
4th John Dew 
5th John Mulhearn 
 Overall Winner 
1st Ben Duncan – Donald MacLean Trophy£50