Inveraray Highland Games release draw for senior piping contests

Inveraray & District Pipe Band at the Scottish Championships In Dumbarton 2019, where they finished first in Grade 1

The draws for the senior piping contests have been published for the Inveraray Highland Games which take place on Tuesday, July 16 in the grounds of Inveraray Castle. All entrants are advised to continue to refer to the Games website here for updates and scheduling advice in the run-up to games day itself.

Junior Contest entries remain open although spaces are limited. Any local Junior contest entrants can enter on games day itself by request at the Piping Secretary’s Tent although preference is for prospective entrants to apply in advance via email to

Please be advised that competitors will be admitted to the field this year without being issued with a Games Pass. Please make yourself known to a steward on arrival at the field to be admitted.

If you have any queries please contact the piping team at

Piobaireachd P & A

Piobaireachd P&A comm 0900 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiperOther competitions entered 
125Eireann Jannetta MackayMSRB 
126Cameron MayMSRB 
127Jamie ElderRESERVE MSRB 
128Alasdair HendersonMSR P&A 
129Calum WatsonMSR P&A 
130Angus MacCollMSR P&ATrophy return
131Greig CanningMSR P&A 
132Steven LeaskMSR P&A 
133Chris ArmstrongMSR P&A 
134Darach UrquartMSR P&A 
135Angus McPheeMSRB 
136Sarah MuirMSR P&A 
137Callum BeaumontMSR P&A 
138Sandy CameronMSR P&A 
139Ben DuncanMSR P&A 
140John MulhearnMSR P&A 
141Connor SinclairMSR P &A 
142Neil SmithMSR P&A 

Piobaireachd B

Piobaireachd Grade B comm 0900 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiperOther comp entered 
90Alistair BrownMSRB 
91Ross MillerMSRB 
92John DewMSRP&ATrophy Return
93Kyle CameronMSRB 
94Cameron MacLeodMSRB 
95Callum WyndMRSB 
96Bobby AllenMSRB 
97Ashley McMichaelMSR P&A 
98Ben MullhearnMSRB 
99Brodie Watson MasseyMSR P&A 
100Jonathan SimpsonMSRB 
101Edward GaulMSRB 
102James McPetrieMSRB 
103Fraser AllisonMSRB 
104Keith BowesReserve MSRB 
105Kristopher CoyleMSRB 
106Christopher McLeishMSRB 
107John McDonaldMSRB 
108Andrew HallMSRB 
109Michael FitzhenryMSRA 
110Luke KennedyMSRB 
111Joshua ChandlerReserve MSRB 
112Andrew SmithMSRB 
113Dan NevansMSRB 
114Gregor MacDonaldReserve MSRC 

Reserve List in order of entry received

  1. Andrew Hutton
  2. Bradley Parker 116 MSR P&A

Piobaireachd C

Piobaireachd Grade C comm 0900 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiper –Other compentered 
1Ross ConnorMSRB 
2Turner ThomasMSRC 
3David RischmillerMSRC 
4Andrew YuMSRC 
5Cameron Appleton SeymourMSRC 
6Cameron O’NeilMSRC 
7Calum DunbarMRSC 
8Christopher McCartenMRSC 
9Andrew BellMSRC 
10David StulpnerMSRC 
11Liam BrownMSRC 
12Iain SimpsonMSRC 
13Jamie BrownlieMSRC 
14Craig MuirheadMSRA 
15Robbie MacIssacMSRC 
16Scott McLeanMSRC 
17Daniel JohnstoneMSRB 
18Hamish MunroMSRC 
19Calum McKillopMSRC 
20Piers DoverMSRB 
21Christopher YeoMSRC 
22Arran KingMSRC 
23Andrew PattisonMSRCTrophy return
24Hector MunroMSRB 
25Karen WarrenMSRC 

Reserve List in order of entry received

  1. Scott McKay MSRC
  2. John McElmurray MSRC
  3. James Frazer MSRC
  4. Callum Davidson MSRC
  5. David Hall
  6. Lewis Maxwell
  7. Ryan McCreadie (trophy return)
  8. Stuart Robinson
  9. Austin Diepenhorst


March Strathspey & Reel P&A comm 12.30 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiper Other compentered 
14Craig MuirheadPbA 
99Brodie Watson MasseyPbB 
92John DewPbB 
128Alasdair HendersonPb P&A 
129Calum WatsonPb P&A 
130Angus MacCollPb P&A 
131Greig CanningPb P&A 
132Steven LeaskPb P&A 
133Chris ArmstrongPb P&A 
134Darach UrquartPb P&A 
109Michael FitzhenryPbB 
136Sarah MuirPb P&A 
137Callum BeaumontPb P&A 
138Sandy CameronPb P&A 
139Ben DuncanPb P&A 
140John MulhearnPb P&A 
141Connor SinclairPb P &A 
142Neil SmithPb P&A 
97Ashley McMichaelPbB 
116Bradley ParkerRESERVE PbB 
140John MulhearnPb P&A 


March, Strathspey & Reel Grade B comm 1500 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiperOther compentered 
90Alistair BrownPbB 
91Ross MillerPbB 
1Ross ConorPbC 
93Kyle CameronPbB 
94Cameron MacLeodPbB 
95Callum WyndPbB 
96Bobby AllenPbB 
24Hector MunroPbC 
98Ben MullhearnPbB 
135Angus McPheePb P&A 
100Jonathan SimpsonPbB 
101Edward GaulPbB 
102James McPetriePbB 
103Fraser AllisonPbB 
17Daniel JohnstonePbC 
105Kristopher CoylePbB 
106Christopher McLeishPbB 
107John McDonaldPbB 
108Andrew HallPbB 
126Cameron MayPb P&A 
110Luke KennedyPbB 
20Piers DoverPbC 
112Andrew SmithPbB 
113Dan NevansPbB 
125Eireann Janetta MacKayPb P&A 

Reserve List will be allocated in the order of entry received

  1. Keith Bowes 104 PbB
  2. Stuart McCallum
  3. Jamie Elder 127 Pb P&A
  4. Joshua Chandler 111 PbB


March, Strathspey & Reel Grade C comm 1000 • Register from 0800 in The Piping Secretary Tent

BibPiperOther compentered 
2Turner ThomasPbC 
3David RischmillerPbC 
4Andrew YuPbC 
5Cameron Appleton SeymourPbC 
6Cameron O’NeilPbC 
7Calum DunbarPbC 
8Christopher McCartenPbC 
9Andrew BellPbC 
10David StulpnerPbC 
11Liam BrownPbC 
12Iain SimpsonPbC 
13Jamie BrownliePbC 
27Scot McKayRESERVE PbC 
15Robbie MacIssacPbC 
16Scott McLeanPbC 
28John McElmurrayRESERVE PbC 
18Hamish MunroPbC 
19Calum McKillopPbC 
29James FrazerRESERVE PbC 
21Christopher YeoPbC 
22Arran KingPbC 
23Andrew PattisonPbC 
30Callum DavidsonRESERVE PbC 
25Karen WarrenPbC 
26Ben Hall  

Reserve List will be allocated in the order of entry received

  1. Lewis Maxwell
  2. Ryan McCreadie (trophy return)
  3. Gregor MacDonald
  4. Stuart Robinson
  5. Austin Diepenhorst
  6. Andrew Hutton

Required Tunes

Please note on the day of the competition the following number of tunes must be submitted to the judges:


Under 18 Open
Tunes to be given to the judge on the day

2 Piobaireachds
2 Marches
2 Strathspeys/Reels

Grade C

3 Piobaireachds
3 Marches
3 Strathspeys
3 Reels

Grade P, A & B

4 Piobaireachds
4 Marches
4 Strathspeys
4 Reels


  1. Entry to the competition includes form and payment. Competitors will only be entered into their chosen event(s) once they complete the entry form and full payment has been received.
  2. Any competitor who is unable to attend the competition after entry must notify the Secretaries at the very latest on the day before competition. Failure to do this without reason may result in refusal of entry in subsequent years.
  3. Competitors must report to the Secretaries tent on arrival to register. Once registered, competitors will be requested to confirm their attendance with the designated platform steward.
  4. Competitors must be in attendance no later than the advertised reporting time or other notified time, failing which they will only be allowed to play at the discretion of Secretaries and Piping Convenor.
  5. The order of play will be adhered to as far as is possible, but the committee reserve the right to alter this is in the opinion of the Piping Convenor, circumstances so require.
  6. Each senior competition will be limited to a maximum entry of 25 competitors on a first-come first-served basis.
  7. In the senior piobaireachd competitions, each player will be advised of their tune by the judge when they approach the platform.

Failure to observe any of these rules or instructions of the stewards may result in disqualification and/or refusal of entry in subsequent years. While every effort will be made to ensure that the competition runs as details above, the Piping Convenor reserves the right to make any changes necessitated by unforeseen circumstances.