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Donald McPhee's premises were in the Royal Arcade, Hope Street, Glasgow. Later, the premises were taken over by Peter Henderson. McPhee published a bagpipe tutor, a collection of light music and two collections of piobaireachd. His name appears in the books as 'MacPhee' but he stamped his pipes 'McPhee' and had even used the spellings 'McPhe' and 'McFie'.

Donald MacPhee – the forgotten man in piping

By Seumas MacNeill Probably no period in the history of piping will see such changes as did the 19th century. At the beginning of it, all pipers were Gaelic-speaking highlanders, solo performers whose repertoire consisted almost entirely of piobaireachd. All teaching was by canntaireachd, for no piper could read staff […]

Uist and Barra 2019 results

Uist and Barra 2019 results

There was a great day of piping on Saturday 2nd March at The National Piping Centre Otago Street for the Uist and Barra Annual Invitational Competition. Congratulations to Finlay Johnston who was the overall winner, winning both the Piobaireachd and MSR events. Here are the full results: Piobaireachd 1st Finlay […]

Tom Peterkin is presented with the Archie Kenneth Quaich by Alan Forbes, Secretary of the Music Committee of The Piobaireachd Society.

Peterkin wins Archie Kenneth Quaich

Tom Peterkin won the 27th Archie Kenneth Quaich, the annual amateur pìobaireachd competition run by The Pìobaireachd Society. Peterkin, who has now won this competition four times, played Melbank’s Salute. 26 competed. The competition took place on February 23 in the historic rooms of The Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society in […]

The trophy winners at the National Piping Centre's 2019 annual junior piping competition.

NPC Junior Piping Competition results

The National Piping Centre’s 23rd annual junior solo piping competition took place at McPhater Street on February 16. The overall champions were Jaz Scott (chanter), Fraser Hamilton (novice, under 15) and Luke Kennedy (junior). Results: Junior (age 15-17)  Piobaireachd  – 1. Hamish Drennan;  2. Christopher Happs;  3. Gregor MacDonald; 4. […]

Bagad Cap Caval wins Brest 2019

Bagad Cap Caval wins Brest 2019

1st – Bagad Cap Caval – 17,352nd – Bagad Kerlenn Pondi – 17,283rd – Bagad Kemper – 17,224th – Bagad Ar Meilhoù Glaz – 15,975th – Bagad Kevrenn Alré – 15,546th – Bagad Melinerion – 15,057th – Bagad Sonerien Bro Dreger – 15,028th – Bagad Bro Kemperle – 14,899th – […]

Roderick Cannon.

Salute to Roderick Cannon

By Hugh Cheape, MBE Pìobaireachd is not an easy subject but Roderick Cannon was its master. This was his chosen field in the study of the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe and, more particularly, of the type of composition regarded as its ‘classical music’. In spite of the prominence […]

The respiratory stress of playing the bagpipes

By T. M. Gibson (introduced by J. Ernsting). R.A.F. Institute of Aviation Medicine, Farnborough, Hants Pipers contend that playing the bagpipes is extremely strenuous. Cases have been experienced by piping teachers of neophytes fainting while trying to play the pipes. Watson (1972) suggested that hypocapnia caused the faintness. He reported […]

McCallum Bagpipes mark 20 years

McCallum Bagpipes mark 20 years

McCallum Bagpipes celebrated their 20th anniversary with a concert and ceilidh in the Park Hotel in Kilmarnock on October 20, 2018. There were 300 invited guests, and after they were welcomed by Kenny MacLeod and Stuart McCallum, they were treated to music from the Grade 1 Johnstone Pipe Band, folk-rock […]