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A detail from an 8.5ft tall canvas oil painting depicting Sir George Simpson on his tour of inspection from Hudson’s Bay to the Pacific Coast. It shows a well-dressed man in a top hat, white collared shirt and black bow tie, accompanied by a piper and other men. The painting was completed in 1908 by Cyrus Cincinatto Cuneo (1879–23 July 1916). Ciro, as he was known, was a British-born artist. The painting hangs in City Hall, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Early Canadian piping

– Notes on a piper in Western Canada in the 1820s. Compiled by John Gibson, Inverness Co., Nova Scotia.(From The International Piper, July 1980) “Out of the blue, one day in 1821, it was announced that the North West Company had amalgamated with the Hudson’s Bay Company. Every effort was […]