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(L. to R.) Mr. Alastair B. Murray (Production Director, William Grant & Sons); Sally Grant Gordon (daughter of William Grant's Chairman, Mr. A. Grant Gordon); Pipe Major Gavin Stoddart and His Grace the Duke of Atholl who presented the prize.

The playing at Blair – a look back at the 1988 Glenfiddich

The late 1980s was a period of transition in piping. In 1987 the 78th Fraser Highlanders became the first overseas pipe band to win the World Pipe Band Championships and in 1988 Ottawa-born Amy Garson would be the first female invited to compete at the Glenfiddich. The 1988 Glenfiddich was […]

Allan Russell, winner at Balloch, plays for the author.

A judge’s ramblings – part 1

In the summer of 2008, Senior Judge Malcolm McRae recorded his thoughts as he adjudicated at various highland games around Scotland that year. His diary was serialised in the Piping Times. A judge’s ramblings – my trip around the games in July 2008 By Malcolm McRae What a privilege it […]

Simon McKerrell: Why we should abolish the Set Tunes

Simon McKerrell: Why we should abolish the Set Tunes

In his far-reaching blog posted on this site last week, Stuart Letford questioned whether the Set Tunes should continue to be set solely by the Piobaireachd Society’s Music Committee. I suggest it is time to actually abolish the Set Tunes altogether. I have spoken on this topic before. Indeed, this […]