A chilly morning and a lunchtime downpour did not dampen enthusiasm at Aboyne Games on Saturday August 5, 2023.

After a welcome by the Chieftain, the Marquis of Huntly, commentator Graham Thomson gave a moving tribute to his predecessor Robbie Shepherd who died three days previously. Fiddler Paul Anderson then played his own composition, Lament for Robbie Shepherd

At the conclusion of proceedings Piobaireachd judge Malcolm McRae was presented with an engraved silver belt buckle by the Chieftain in recognition of his many years as a judge at Aboyne.

•Malcom McRae is presented with an engraved silver belt by Aboyne Games Chieftain, The Marquis of Huntly

John Mulhearn was champion piper with firsts in Piobaireachd, March and Strathspey and Reel. Eighteen competed.


  1. John Mulhearn
  2. Calum Brown
  3. Anna Kummerlow
  4. Callum Carn
  5. John MacDonald


  1. John Mulhearn
  2. Calum Brown
  3. Piers Dover
  4. Jeffrey Lawson

Strathspey and Reel

  1. John Mulhearn
  2. Piers Dover
  3. Calum Brown
  4. James McPetrie

Hornpipe and Jig

  1. Calum Brown
  2. Piers Dover
  3. Mackenzie Fraser
  4. James McPetrie

Under 18 Piobaireachd

  1. Liam Nicolson
  2. Craig Mitchell
  3. Lewis Stewart
  4. Calum Pearson

Under 18 MSR

  1. MacKenzie Fraser
  2. Liam Nicolson
  3. Jonny Coe
  4. Craig Michell

Under 14 March

  1. Rory Menzies 
  2. Sophie Bird
  3. Andrew Fagan 

The judges were Malcolm McRae, Murray Henderson, Duncan Watson, Logan Tannock, Patricia Henderson, Lewis Barclay and Bill Wotherspoon.