Tutor Vol. 1 rebranded

branded Tutor 1
npc branded tutor 1

The bagpipe tutor book that started thousands of pipers off on their quest to learn how to play the pipes has been rebranded ahead of another print run.

The new-look for what was previously titled the College of Piping Tutor Vol. 1 – the ‘Green Book’ – brings it into line with The National Piping Centre’s other publications.

The famous book was first published in the early 1950s by the co-founders of the College of Piping, Seumas MacNeill and Thomas Pearston. It has been reprinted many times since and remains the most popular instruction book ever produced for the great highland bagpipe, having sold around 500,000 copies. The rebrand does not affect Seumas and Tommy’s well written text and learning structure.

Seumas MacNeill and Tommy Pearston.

PDQB guidelines were added in 2016 by Colin MacLellan. Video tutorials were created to complement the text and these can be viewed on the CD that accompanies the book or online at: https://www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/piping-tutor-one-videos

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Tutor 1 through the years.
Tutor 1 through the years.