Pictured: Judge Bill Livingstone, listening to Tyler Destremps in the senior amateur piobaireachd competition

Hundreds of people turned up to take in the annual Easter weekend tradition of the Toronto Indoor Games, held at Moss Park Armouries in the heart of the city’s centre. A full roster of amateur and professional solos were staged in the morning and bands were scheduled for the afternoon.

The results were:
Professional Piobaireachd:
1. Andrew Carlisle (Bealach nan Brog)
2. Sean McKeown (The End of the Great Bridge)
3. Matt MacIsaac (I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand)
4. Ian K MacDonald (The Daughter’s Lament)
5. Palmer Shonk (Tulloch Ard)
6. Alistair Murray (Glengarry’s Lament)

Judge:  Michael Grey

Professional March, Strathspey and Reel
1. Matt MacIsaac
2. Ian k MacDonald
3. Andrew Carlisle
4. Sean McKeown
5. Alistair  Murray
6. Palmer Shonk

Judge: Kenny Eller

Professional Hornpipe & Jig
1. Matt MacIsaac
2. Andrew Carlisle
3. Sean McKeown
4. Palmer Shonk
5. Dylan Whittemore
6. Alistair Murray

Judge:  Andrew Berthoff

Grade 2 – Peel Regional Police (only band entered)

Grade 3 (Medley)
1st Carnegie Mellon University (1,1,1,1)
2nd Guelph (2,2,2,2)

Grade 4 (Medley)
1st Peel Regional Police (Gr4) (3,1,2,1) (ens.pref.)
2nd Niagara Regional Police (1,2,1,3)
3rd Guelph (Gr4) (2,4,3,2)
4th Barrie (4,3,4,4)

Grade 5 (March Medley)
1st Niagara Regional Police (Gr5) (2,1,1,1)
2nd Spirit of Ontario (1,2,4,4)
3rd Carnegie Mellon University (Gr5) (3,3,2,6)
4th Paris Port Dover (6,4,3,2)
5th St. Andrew’s College Association (4,6,5,3)
6th York Regional Police (5,5,6,5)
7th Toronto Scottish Regiment (7,7,7,7)