From the March 2018 Piping Times.

Hector MacLean.

Hector MacLean, 1894-1974 (pictured, right), was featured in the February 2015 Piping Times (Vol. 67, No. 5). The article mentioned a composing contest that had been organised by the Knightswood Highlanders in 1949 but the tune composed by Hector, left, which won first prize in the competition could not be found.

The second placed tune, Allan Rowan of Port Appin by John MacLellan and the third placed, Knightswood Ceilidh by Donald MacLeod had both been published by their composers, but neither the College nor Hector’s family could find his winning tune, which had been given the name, The Knightswood Highlanders.

That is, until recently.

While thumbing through old copies of the Piping, Drumming and Highland Dancing Journal for a research project the tune was found in the issue for February 1950 – see photograph, right.

The second and third prize tunes were published in the March and April magazines.

We have typeset the tune and published it below:

Hector MacLean's winning tune from 1949.
Hector MacLean’s winning tune from 1949.