These photos of Glenn Brown were taken for a Q&A and cover of Piping Today #74 in 2015.


In the Q&A Glenn was asked: What would you do differently if you knew you wouldn’t be judged?

And he answered: “Honestly, probably nothing. I would still approach a performance the same way. I think the way that I was brought up by my mum and the people that I looked up to and wanted to be like (Willie McCallum, Mike Cusack, Roddy MacLeod, Murray Henderson) has — and always will — stay with me.

“I like pretty traditional music, and I think the guys who I’ve just mentioned are about as good as it gets at the traditional, meat and potatoes music. I don’t really do the fast fancy stuff. I always try to have my pipes at their absolute best they can be and always aim to have the playing match that.

“I think that we should all try to worry less about being judged and just enjoy the music that we make.

“In terms of life in general, again, I probably wouldn’t change much. I genuinely don’t mind what people think of me. I’ve learned from seeing how people treat one another that if I am personally happy in life, then what other people (especially those who write blogs) think doesn’t really matter. Having said that, I’ve also learned how to treat people: I’m thinking of the age-old saying, “treat people as you would want to be treated”. I find this to be a good way to live.


“An example of something else, though, would be my fashion sense; I have a slightly unique style (laughs). My twin brother Blair likes to tell people that he thinks I’m colour blind, or that I get dressed in the dark. I like colours — a lot of them. And for some reason, I like things to clash (laughs).  I guess I find it funny, really. So, it doesn’t bother me that people might not like what I wear.