Grade 1 format for Worlds

Boghall & Bathgate at last year's Worlds.
Boghall & Bathgate at last year's Worlds.
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The RSPBA announced today that the format of this year’s Grade 1 competitions at the World Pipe Band Championships will change IF it receives entries from 17 bands or less. If so, the following will apply:

• All bands are to play on the Friday – MSR in the morning/ Medley in the afternoon (Pipe Major’s choice of which of their band’s two sets in both sections).

• All bands to play on the Saturday – MSR in the morning/ Medley in the afternoon. Alternate sets to be played.

• There will be four judges per section, so 16 judges are to be used in all.

• The results of all four sections are to be taken into account to calculate the results.

If entries from 18 bands or more are received then the competition format remains as per 2018 with 12 bands qualifying from the Friday. The Grade 1 title will therefore go to the band with best placings over the two days – IF the entry does not exceed 17 bands.

A lower than usual entry is expected in Grade 1 this season.

The RSPBA’s Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, April 27, and accepted unanimously this recommendation from its Music Board.