Angus MacColl. Photo: Derek Maxwell.

Angus D. MacColl was the overall winner at the annual Arisaig Highland Games yesterday (July 31). Weather conditions were mostly dull but warm at the coastal Lochaber township. The games took place, as ever, at Traigh Farm.

Ceòl Mòr – 1. Angus D. MacColl (The Battle of the Pass of Crieff); 2. James MacKenzie; 3. Jonathon Simpson; 4. Andrew Hutton; 5. Andrew Lewis
Judge: Iain MacFadyen.

March – 1. Angus D. MacColl; 2. Callum Wynd; 3. Jonathon Simpson; 4. James MacKenzie.
Judge: Archie MacLean.

Strathspey & Reel – 1. Angus D. MacColl; 2. Finlay Cameron; 3. Jonathon Simpson; 4. Angus MacPhee;
Judge: Archie MacLean.

Jig – 1. Andrew Lewis; 2. James MacKenzie; 3. Angus D. MacColl; 4. Callum MacColl;
Judge: Archie MacLean.