Lee storms ahead at Kansas City


Alastair Lee of Coquitlam, British Columbia, won both of the top solo piping competitions at the annual Winter Storm competitions held in Kansas City. The feat won him the President’s Trophy (awarded to the piper who wins both Gold Medlas for light music and pibroch events). 

Lee received the trophy from Alastair Dunn of sponsor R. G. Hardie & Co.

The President’s Trophy was last awarded 13 years ago.

Alastair Dunn presents the President’s Trophy to Alastair Lee.


Professional competitions
Ceòl Mòr
United States Gold Medal
– 1. Alastair Lee; 2. Nick Hudson; 3. James Troy; 4. Andrew Donlon; 5. Ben McClamrock; 6. Derek Midgley.
Judges: Ian Duncan, Alastair Dunn and Stuart Liddell.

United States Silver Medal – 1. Brad Davidson; 2. James Feeney; 3. Bobby Durning; 4. Kate Kimove; 5. Dan Lyden; 6. Jack Williamson.
Judges: Callum Beaumont and Margaret Dunn.

MSR – 1. Alastair Lee; 2. James Troy; 3. Nick Hudson; 4. Jack Williamson; 5. Andrew Carlisle; 6. Campbell Webster.
Judges: Ian Duncan, Roddy MacLeod and Richard Parkes.

Amateur competitions
Grade 1
Ceòl Mòr
– 1. Charles Morris; 2. Kevin Darmadi; 3. Patrick MacDonald; 4. Angus Burke; 5. Tyler Destremps; 6. Aaron Malcomb.
Judge: Jack Lee.

MSR – 1. Charles Morris; 2. Ben Peterson, Lombard; 3. Liam Murray, Dartmouth; 4. Angus Burke; 5. Kayleigh Johnstone; 6. Tyler Destremps.
Judge: Jack Lee.

Grade 2
Ceòl Mòr
– Cameron Bonar; 2. Conner Francis; 3. Hugo MacKay; 4. Alexander MacDonald; 5. Heather Pastva; 6. Samuel Duarte.
Judge: Willie McCallum.

Ceòl Beag – 1. Cameron Bonar; 2. Victoria McRae; 3. Hugo MacKay; 4. Heather Pastva; 5. Joel Hrncir; 6. Emily Feeney.
Judge: Roddy S. MacDonald.

Grade 3
Ceòl Mòr
– 1. Michael Saxer; 2. Bridget Englebretson; 3. Clayton Nelson; 4. Aidan MacNeil; 5. Canaan Strobel; 6. William Fenner.
Judge: Alastair Dunn.

Ceòl Beag – 1. Canaan Strobel; 2. Kim Greeley; 3. Bridget Englebretson; 4. Bill Wei; 5. Paula Campbell; 6. Clayton Nelson.
Judge: Terry Lee.

All competitions were held at the Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.